Dodgers: Max Muncy ‘Heartbroken’ by New Deadened Baseballs, How Will LA be Impacted in 2021?

After a somewhat down year in the regular season in 2020, Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy is looking to bounce back in 2021. The former All-Star slugger talked to reporters this week and spoke candidly about his struggles in 2020, MLBs decision to deaden the baseballs, and his motivation to win another World Series Championship this year.

We discuss Muncy’s comments, why he struggled in the 2020 regular season, his postseason triumphs, and what to expect from the Funky Muncy in 2021!

Plus, how will MLB’s new deadened baseballs impact the Dodgers offense in 2021? Are too many home runs bad for baseball?


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Written by Doug McKain


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  1. “Deadening” the baseball for 2021 actually means returning to normal baseball from an ill-advised, but fortunately short juiced ball era brought about by the master of bad decisions, Manfred. I’m all for it. Let’s play real baseball again, instead of home run derby. Let’s emphasize contact hitting and reduce strikeouts. Our pitching staff is going to blow people away. And Mookie is going to manufacture runs. Seager will continue to hit to all parts of the field nullifying the shift. Returning to normal baseball helps the most talented team in baseball, the Dodgers.

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