Dodgers: Max Scherzer Credits Teammates for Seamless Transition in LA

You can add Max to the list of players who rave about how great this team is.

We have now gotten to see Max Scherzer take the mound five times in a Dodgers uniform. All he has done in those five starts is go 4-0 with a 1.55 ERA and 41 strikeouts in 29 innings pitched. The man can do no wrong, and if he had any nerves related to coming to a brand new organization, it hasn’t shown one bit.

This isn’t Scherzer‘s first time with a new organization of course, but it’s never easy to have to pick up your entire life and move across the country. If you were to ask Max, though, he’s felt right at home here in LA. In fact, it’s the team itself that has made this move so easy for him.

It’s been grea. The guys in here, this is a great clubhouse. Having Trea [Turner] with me as well, I really feel like the life change has been as seemless as possible. I feel like it’s been harder on my wife and kids than it has been on me. This has been a great team to join.

The Dodgers are known for their camaraderie under manager Dave Roberts. He’s almost singlehandedly changed the culture of this team while still turning them into a winning machine. It’s qualities like this that players look for; the feeling that you have a chance to win every night you take the field. And that’s something that Max appreciates about this team even more as they continue their push to October.

That’s what you want as a player. We’re playing great baseball right now, but oviously we’re going to have to continue playing great baseball. We understand we’re in a playoff race, and we have to play our best baseball here to finish the season.

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While everyone was excited at the prospect of Max Scherzer and Trea Turner in Dodger blue, many were hesitant about having to give up our top two minor leaguers in exchange. It’s still quite early to make any real conclusions, but the early return has been everything advertised and then some.

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  1. It’s obvious that this guy needs to be resigned. Would hate to lose Kershaw but if I were to choose between resigning Kershaw or Max, I would go with Max. He still seems to have some velocity left in his arm

  2. No you’re just a wagon fan I like Max and hope we keep him but Kershaw stays don’t want to see Kershaw going to The Hall wearing different team cap. Besides Kersh still competetive Urias and Buehler have learned a lot from him. Kershaw doesn’t carry any heavy burden on his shoulders anymore so he’ll do great in post season too and if Dodgers have to play a one game wild card playoff then Buhler can start the game and Urias will close it out cause they have better record than both Max and Kersh in post season. Well nobody tops Julio on what he did this past post season.

    • What the hell is a wagon fan? Never said I didn’t like him. I like Kershaw and hope he stays but if there’s only so much money in the pot then Kershaw is going to have to accept less so that we can sign Max. Max is much more valuable given Kershaw fragility both in the past as well as this year. Given his steady decline in arm speed his worth becomes much less.

  3. Kershaw will be gone. Dodger money will be on Scherzer. Who needs a pitcher with elbow problems along with the possibilities that he will miss at least 1/2 a season because of injuries?He’s had it….and has had it all as well as the fans of LA. Just be happy that he has been a Dodger. Is he really worth $1 million a game?

  4. You guys are delusional. He’s only on lone. Nats will resign him nest year. Enjoy while you can.

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