Dodgers Media Team Doing its Best to Bring Stadium Vibes into Our Homes

So we can’t go to Dodger Stadium this year. For the first time since 1962, fans will not watch a baseball game at Chavez Ravine and it undoubtedly sucks. But with the power of positive thinking — or drinking — we can be thankful for the concerted effort made by the club to keep us all involved.

It started with cardboard cutouts of fans that how expanded to cats and dogs and, you guessed it, horses.

Moreover, the Dodgers paired with Postmates to bring us Home Plates, a service that can get Dodger Dogs (the kind you put mustard on in this case), helmet nachos, micheladas and more. But all of that doesn’t quite give a fan the same feeling as being at a game. 

For that, the Dodgers media team is stepping up to bring us a familiar gem featured on Dodger Vision every game. “What’s in the Box?”

The popular series features Dodgers players blindfolded and helpless as they try to guess less than common items contained within the box. 

What’s in the Box: Teddy Baby Edition

What’s in the Box: Box It Edition

The popular series narrated by stadium public address announcer Todd Leitz helps bring a little bit of the ballpark home for the whole family to enjoy. Also, it is astonishing how many players could feel out the Bop It almost immediately.

You can always count on the Dodgers media team to bring fans some great and wholesome entertainment! …let’s just hope they don’t bring the kiss cam to YouTube anytime soon.

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