Dodgers: Mookie Betts Doubles Down on His True Goal for 2020

Mookie Betts is a Los Angeles Dodger. I’ll never grow tired of typing that sentence. Mookie is in the midst of a marvelous year for the Dodgers. In season one of Markus Lynn Betts in LA, he’s posted the second-best campaign of his career with a .987 OPS and 162 wRC+ while leading the NL in home runs with 16 in 49 games.

While the numbers and the MVP chatter is great, on Friday night, Betts reiterated that personal accolades aren’t why he’s here. He’s here for a ring.

I don’t pay any attention to [the MVP talk], I’m just doing what I can to win a World Series. I am who I am — those things, they come playing the game, you can’t think about those things and think about the game as well. I just have one goal and that’s to win a World Series and whatever comes will come.

The 2018 AL MVP make an almost immediate impact on his new Dodgers teammates back in February. It started with an impromptu speech in spring training 1.0, and continued big time in a press conference following the signing of a 12-year contract extension. Mookie is here to win championships with his team. Plural.

We’ve already seen some of the fruits of his lack of looking inward. When long-time teammate Joe Kelly spilled the beans the Mookie had been working with a struggling Austin Barnes on the side, it showed the character of a man that was more invested in the name of the front of the jersey rather than on the back. He’s as much of a team player as you can get. And he’s a Dodger for 12 more seasons.


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  1. The winning attitude of Mookie Betts will be the difference this Dodger team needs to win it all this year. Too many Dodger players have gone into hibernation in past postseasons. Betts’ attitude can be like a stick poking them back awake. His priority of winning it all is just what the Dodgers need. That kind of attitude is contagious. It causes people to play beyond what they thought was their best.

  2. Mookie’s as talented as they come, but it’s his winning attitude that will help the Dodgers win it all this year. CT3 is showing what he did in 2017 and Barnes is playing like a different player altogether. Even Kike is picking up his limp bat mojo. Not saying Mookie did all this, but he sure as hell did help.

  3. As I do not usually watch East Coast games I had rarely seen Betts play. Yes, you see the numbers and know he is a generational star but the difference is his strength of character and his teamwork.
    What a tremendous acquisition for the Dodgers I can see why the Bosox fans were heartbroken.

  4. A lot of Red Sox fans (a group I belong to) are salty when it comes to Mookie. I still love the guy and wish him the best. He gave us everything he had for 6 years and never said or did the wrong thing while being an absolute joy to watch. I’m certain he’ll stay the same way for the rest of his time in LA.

  5. Mookie is a players player. He tries to do what is best to win a game, whether it’s getting a base hit when needed or try the long ball and move a runner around. You don’t have to showboat just play the game the way it’s supposed to be done.