Dodgers: Mookie Betts Finally Got the Welcome He’s Been Waiting for at Dodger Stadium

A Hollywood writer could not have come up with a better script for how Tuesday night went down in Los Angeles. For the first time since 2019, the Dodgers welcomed back full capacity at the Ravine, and it was rocking. 

It was also the first time that Dodgers fans got to give Mookie Betts a real welcome. Over 1 year after the trade that changed the course of the franchise, fans in the pavilions serenaded the superstar outfielder with chants of “MOO’KIE” all night. It brought chills even when watching on tv. 

Mookie didn’t let the moment slip by him. He took a ball deep to left in the 7th inning and gave the Dodgers the lead. Dodger Stadium went absolutely nuts. He extended the lead with an RBI single the following inning. 

Just to finally play in front of a full Dodger Stadium – on the right team – is definitely something that I’ve been looking forward to. Being able to play a good game was the cherry on top.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts also talked about Mookie‘s welcome by the packed house. As he said, you could certainly feel it. 

It was a jolt. Our fans – as far as full capacity – haven’t had a chance to see him in person for quite some time. I think you can say most fans haven’t had that chance. So for them to get here and hope that your superstar player performs, go-ahead homer – it was a big jolt. The dugout felt it, the fans felt it.

After a year of fighting through a pandemic and persevering to a World Series win, Tuesday night was so special for Dodgers fans. The crowd was alive, the players were energized, and it felt like a real baseball game for the first time in a very long time. 

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Dodger Stadium getting its voice back can easily be thrown into the top highlights of the year. Now, let’s pack out the house in a World Series game. 

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