Dodgers Named Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year

The Dodgers and their players are incredibly active within the Los Angeles community. Whether it’s building new fields for kids or feeding entire families, the Dodgers truly do as much as they can to take care of those around them.

This year, the team and their foundation were awarded for their efforts. It was announced on Sunday night that Los Angeles would take home the Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year Award in recognition of their work with the Dodgers Foundation. 

Part of the foundation’s efforts includes the Dreamfield program, building 51 baseball and softball fields in underserved communities in Los Angeles. According to the foundation, those fields account for access to playable fields for over 360,000 kids. 

The Dodgers Foundation has been exceptionally active during the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring that the less fortunate have access to assistance. 

The generosity of the team extends far beyond that of the foundation though. Even during the pandemic, we’ve seen several Dodgers step up in huge ways in terms of humanitarian support. Justin Turner has helped the Dream Center in LA provide thousands of meals to the community over the last few months, while Mookie Betts has been doing his part in his home state. 

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