Dodgers Nation Review: Best Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead from FOCO

Forever Collectibles is a merchandise manufacturing retailer that creates unique items that add flare to being a fan.

They were kind enough to send us a special edition Clayton Kershaw collectible bobblehead. I was able to get a first impression of the bobblehead in all of its glory.

The first thing I noticed was the size of this bobblehead.

It is much bigger than any run-of-the-mill bobbleheads. It stands at about a foot in height. It’s size and design demand attention.

It also has a unique look to it.

The bobblehead features Kershaw’s throwing arm encased in flames. It is quite the look for the three-time Cy Young winner. It adds a literal meaning to the phrase “throwing heat”.

Forever Collectibles, or FOCO, prides themselves in the fact that their bobbleheads are handcrafted and hand-painted. This Kershaw bobblehead further showcases the attention and care put into their products. It is, at times, difficult to find unique, high quality bobbleheads. With the FOCO bobblehead, I had no such worries.

Kershaw is displayed as especially rugged on this bobblehead. His hair is long and flowing; his beard is apparent and intact. One of my favorite features is his intense pitching face carefully crafted into the frame of the bobblehead. Without the intense stare, this Kershaw bobblehead would be incomplete.

The bobblehead comes as a bundle with a special edition fidget spinner. It is a metal fidget spinner with the pseudonym “The Claw” plastered on the arms. It is a flashy knickknack that is sure to draw the eye. It also is known to help with attentiveness and anxiety.

This special edition bobblehead bundle is the perfect purchase for any diehard Dodgers fan.

Special thanks to Forever Collectibles for sending us this bobblehead!

You can get your hands on this bobblehead and many other specialized collectibles by visiting their website.


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Written by Tamara Issi


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