Dodgers Nation Review: Best Game of Thrones Dodgers Bobblehead From FOCO

This may be the final season of the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones,’ but you don’t need to kiss it goodbye forever.

Our friends over at Forever Collectibles sent over a couple of Game of Thrones themed bobbleheads with a Dodgers twist.

As resident bobblehead enthusiast/Game of Thrones fan, I was lucky enough to get to review both of the bobbleheads.

Dodgers Nation Review

Cody’s Throne

Starting off with the Cody Bellinger bobblehead, it features our golden boy sitting on the Iron Throne, holding a baseball bat sword. Yes, a baseball bat sword.

The stats leader is donning a crown as well. I especially loved this because Cody is a king this season and it seems unlikely anyone can knock this man down.

We have a lot of bobbleheads at Dodgers Nation Headquarters but it’s rare to have one that is both niche and well-made. A lot of the times, in my opinion, when bobbleheads are made to cater to two specific audiences, it can be poorly thought-out and executed.

That isn’t the case with this one. To test the bobble factor, I shook this thing semi-violently and it withstood my trial. Plus, it just looks really good.

I feel confident displaying this bobblehead in our office, and on the set of our weekly Blue Heaven live shows.

It’s a unique bobblehead that draws attention and gets our viewers talking.

And it just so happens to emulate my favorite current Dodger.

L.A. Dragon

Next, I’d like to talk about the dragon bobblehead. You read that right! A Dragon!

Besides being featured so heavily in Game of Thrones, dragons are a cinema and television trope that I never want to see disappear. Such amazing pieces of cinema including Shrek, How to Train your Dragon, Shrek 2, and more highlight dragon characters, and dragons as plot pieces that carry the story along.

This dragon bobblehead definitely carries conversations along when anyone spots it. It’s an Ice Dragon much like Viserion, arguably the coolest dragon in Game of Thrones. The bobblehead features the “LA” logo in an “ice block” of sorts.

I love this one slightly more than the Cody one just because, to me, it’s more appealing to the eye and it’s an attention-getter.

Even if FOCO didn’t gift us these bobbleheads, I would still go out and buy one.

Currently, I’ve got my eyes on this Clayton Kershaw fire dragon bobblehead. It is ridiculous in the best way! Also, it’s the most accurate facial depiction of our ace I’ve ever seen.

If you find yourself interested in any of these bobbleheads, I’d strongly suggest checking out FOCO’s website or social media to browse their inventory.

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