Dodgers Nation Twitter: Your Favorite Parts Of The NLDS

The NLDS was everything I had hoped for and more. It delivered on so many levels. The offense put up 20 runs and had a slash line of .298/.397/.462 and the pitching held Arizona batters to a .189 batting average. We took to Twitter after Monday’s victory and asked our followers what their favorite part was!

Here are the most popular responses, in no particular order:

The first one is going to Chris Wolf, who put an awesome gif of Yasiel Puig wagging his tongue after sliding into third base! Puig was second on the team in hits in the NLDS and put up a slash line of .455/.538/.727! Out of all the responses, Yasiel Puig probably came up the most.

The next feature goes to Jim Sylvester, who shouted out Kenta Maeda’s relief appearance in game 3. You know you’re doing something right when Clayton Kershaw says that you’re the player of the game! Maeda got a lot of love in the responses to our tweet so including him was a must!

RayBaBomb is next up, and his favorite part is what kicked off the series for the Dodgers! Justin Turner went yard in the bottom of the first in game 1 and the Dodgers never looked back. He also led the Dodgers with six hits this series!

So we’ve covered Yasiel Puig, Kenta Maeda, and Justin Turner, but what about Cody Bellinger? He was pretty quiet in game 1 and game 2, but his game 3 performance was amazing and it showed in all of the responses that we received! Not only did he hit his first career postseason home run, he also made an awesome catch that resulted in him falling over the dugout rail, which was Joanna Flores’ favorite part!

This one technically happened after the NLDS had already ended, but it’s still worth mentioning and it was Dave Emerich’s pick. The Diamondbacks had police on horseback guarding their pool to make sure that the Dodgers did not jump in it after the sweep! Jealous, much?

Aleyda’s favorite part of the NLDS was Austin Barnes hitting the home run in game 3. Barnes had an incredible series, going 4-8 with three runs batted in and four runs scored! His name was all over the responses to our tweet so we had to give him a shoutout!

Lastly, the sweep in general. So many of you thought that it was the best part of the series and that’s hard to argue! After the Diamondbacks swept the Dodgers twice at the end of the regular season, it felt really good to give them a taste of their own medicine!

Some honorable mentions from all of the responses go to Yu Darvish’s excellent outing in game 3, Kenley Jansen striking out Paul Goldschmidt to finish the series, and showing up Archie Bradley. Was your favorite part of the NLDS not mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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