An interesting number was released at Caesar’s Palace for the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 2019 season win ‘total’. The sports book in Las Vegas had just two teams listed with a higher opening win total in the over and under stakes posted available. Moreover, the Dodgers had the highest total of any team in the National league.

Take a look at the Dodgers’ total below, along with every other team in baseball if you would like.

Los Angeles was given a total of 95 wins – meaning that oddsmakers see this as a very good starting number for the season to come. Of course, it doesn’t mean this is how many games the team is going to win. You are given the option to bet ‘under’ that total, or ‘over’ that total. However, that is the total that the casino feels safely in posting for the public so that it can best induce betting.

The take home message here is simple. Caesar’s Palace feels that the Dodgers will be very good. This of course runs parallel to the team being 8 to 1 odds to win the 2019 World Series.

Equally important is that just two teams had higher posted totals. The Boston Red Sox have a total of 95.5 games posted for their total, and the Houston Astros are posted with 97.5 regular season wins. And that is all – no other team has a higher number than your Los Angeles Dodgers.

Every indicator given is that the Boys in Blue are in for another very exciting year. This is even without landing the huge free agent or trade to this point.

Would you take the over or the under on the Dodgers winning 95 games in the 2019 regular season? Let us know in the comments!

Dodgers 2019 World Series Odds