Dodgers News: 5th Starter Spot Could Change

In the ongoing search for who the Los Angeles Dodgers’ fifth starter might be this season, it’s sounding more and more like the team will just have a revolving door early on with that spot. That is, of course, if you are to believe the words from new manager Dave Roberts.

The starter spot is going to probably come down between Mike Bolsinger, Zach Lee, Ross Stripling, and one of the youngsters. That just seems the way that things are going to be trending for the foreseeable future. There’s a lot to like there, but that doesn’t mean just one guy is going to get the call.

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From Alanna Rizzo, host and reporter for the Dodgers on SportsNet LA:

Now, while none of this mentions anyone specifically, you still have to understand there is a group of guys being groomed for that spot that will battle it out in camp. The main takeaway here, though, is that Roberts says they could change guys in that spot and that it could change. What does all of this mean?

Well, for starters, it means that they’ll skip the fifth spot in the rotation on some days when there was an off day that week and can get Clayton Kershaw another start in order to maximize their winning chances. It also means that they could start Bolsinger one game then Lee another depending on the way the rotation falls.

It gives the Dodgers quite a few options out there if they actually need to find a fifth starter to use for a game or two. The way that everything seems to be setting up is that Bolsinger will probably get the first crack at the job, and then go from there. We’ll see what happens, but that fifth spot is shaping up to be a by-committee ordeal.

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