Dodgers News: Adrian Gonzalez Makes Bet With Buster Olney

Yesterday, Buster Olney of ESPN released what teams he has making the playoffs. He did so on Twitter, so of course people came at him with hot take after hot take telling him why he was wrong. He didn’t have the Los Angeles Dodgers on his list, and people took notice. But no one took notice more than first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

The Dodgers star tweeted at Olney earlier this morning and decided that he wanted to post a friendly wager with the ESPN reporter. As Gonzalez went on to tweet, if Los Angeles manages to make the playoffs then Olney has to do an entire Baseball Tonight segment in a full Dodgers uniform. Oh it would be glorious.

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The following is Gonzalez’s Twitter response to Olney’s original tweet:

You can’t overlook the greatness of this bet. Imagine that Los Angeles makes the playoffs, and Buster Olney has to do an entire Baseball Tonight segment while dressed in full Dodgers regalia. It’d be superbly fantastic, and it’s something that we need to have happen. If only Olney would take the bait.

Well, a funny thing actually happened. Olney took the bait!

We honestly cannot wait to see what the negotiations lead to, and we cannot wait to see the Dodgers make the playoffs this year so that Olney has to actually follow through with this bet. Los Angeles, according to the ESPN reporter, is slated to finish behind the San Francisco Giants in the National League West, and miss out on one of the two Wild Card spots.

The season begins on April 4th when the Dodgers travel down to San Diego to take on the Padres. Legendary broadcaster Vin Scully will be beginning his final season with the team, and most fans are still locked out on television. Hopefully that gets resolved.

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