Dodgers News: AJ Pollock Nearing Rehab Assignment

It looks like AJ Pollock could be cleared for a rehab assignment soon, returning from a surgery to clear an infection in his elbow.

Before Wednesday’s finale against the Arizona Diamondbacks, AJ joined David Vassegh on AM570 and told him he’d be getting his PICC line removed in one week.

AJ Pollock had to have metal hardware from a previous surgery removed after an infection developed in the area. Doctors then inserted a catheter (PICC line) to deliver antibiotics directly to the infected area.

Manager Dave Roberts said once the PICC line is removed Pollock will be able to start baseball-like activities. Pollock is currently able to work out and his elbow is feeling strong. To get game ready Roberts figures Pollock will need about 40 to 50 at-bats, so he will likely spend a couple of weeks in the minor leagues.

Pollock was not off to a hot start before going on the IL, and Alex Verdugo has been very successful in his absence. The Dodgers will likely see a lot of platoon work when Pollock returns to the already crowded outfield.

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    • Scoreboard! Dodgers record is 43 – 20 — embarrassing yourself by continuing to harp on platooning. You need to focus on the positives of this exceptional team, rather than whine over platooning.

      • Fair enough, SoCal, but many have mentioned this topic here before, however Scoreboard is correct. These are not the elite teams Dodgers will be facing however in the PS and WS. So far so good, as ya say, but I am just not sure the platooning in the manner Dodgers often do will be a success against an elite AL team. Just recall what happened against Boston last year.
        A positive? Dodgers SP’s are mainly going much deeper into games to the point where maybe an 8th BP arm may not be needed and that spot can go to a position player. last year’s experience in the Fall classic along with 2 new hitting coaches this year is and perhaps will make a huge positive impact on this team when it counts the most.

  1. Perhaps they should trade one of their OFs so it is not so crowded? Which one, obviously NOT Bellinger, but which one would another team want, Pederson w/his 18-homeruns, Verdugo who has shown promise. I not sure Hernandez or Taylor would bring back much, so it appears like the Dodgers will have that crowded outfield. Perhaps Pollock will get injured again, lol.

  2. Platooning is not a bad thing, except if it takes on the form from last year. Give the guys the rest to keep this sharp, cover in the event of an injury, but don’t base it on who the other team is throwing out there that day! Case in point, the Dodgers went through a stretch where they saw a lot of right-hand pitching and Joc was in the line-up daily and produced solid contributions almost every game (19 HR’s). Then came the left-handers and he sits for 2-4 games, loses his timing and the results are not there for a few games, then gets it back and gets hot again only to sit a while because the other side throws a left-handed pitcher. And don’t even get me started on David Freeze’s usage (or lack of)!

    FIRST, don’t you think the other side sees that as well? SECOND, what does that do for the morale? Remember, you heard a lot of rumblings after last season.

    Platoon to give the guys a rest, not because we see a left-handed pitcher!

  3. The amount of platooning is not going to change as long as Roberts is the mgr. Hopefully, getting Pollock back would keep Taylor on the bench more. Joc starting against a lefty recently was not as promising as it looked. The reason that Roberts gave was because they were resting Bellinger and others that day. Just when the starters were going deeper into the game Maeda was pulled after five. Then we were at the mercy of the dreaded Pedro Baez.