Dodgers News: Friedman Speaks About Greinke Departure

The Dodgers are now adamantly in recovery mode.

Zack Greinke is now an Arizona Diamondback (which is better than San Francisco Giant, so at least there’s that). The bullpen help the Dodgers wanted above all others is looking elsewhere. Oh, and those Giants who were competing with the Dodgers for Greinke are still competing with the Dodgers for all remaining pitchers.

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To say this offseason (outside of hiring Dave Roberts, whose job just got considerably tougher) has gone to plan would win any award for understatement-bordering-on-outright-lie of the year.

Andrew Friedman took time, though, to speak about the Zack Greinke signing. This, via the Dodgers’ official Twitter page:

We made a very strong offer to retain Zack but clearly he found a deal that fit better for him and his family. We are now hard at work on our alternatives. We wish Zack, Emily and Bode all the best going forward.

Fans probably won’t want to hear much from Friedman at this time, but it does say something about the class he works with that he’d take time from this current chaos to wish Zack and his family well.

Now that he’s issued that statement, though, the team’s focus turns to spreading the $200+ million that would’ve gone to Zack Greinke across a roster needing plenty of help.

This might be a solid approach given Greinke’s age and the direction baseball is going anyway, where bullpens rule and even the game’s greatest aces are (wisely) being held back by pitch counts. It’ll still take plenty of selling to the members of the old school fan base — who rarely lack for a voice.

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