Dodgers News: Bruce Bochy Speaks Up On ‘Go Get It Out of The Ocean’

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy is in the middle of his final season in the big leagues. Surely, he’s seen his fair share of baseball. However, only once has be had an opposing player tell his pitcher to ‘go get that ball out of the ocean’.

Now, Bochy shares his thoughts on the colorful moment with Andrew Baggarly who covers the Giants. As you might imagine, Bochy hasn’t enjoyed the candid moment quite as much as Dodgers fans have.

While Bochy acknowledged that he knows about the t-shirts available for all commemorating the moment when Max Muncy touched down a splash shot off Madison Bumgarner; he had an interesting take on it.

“The T-shirts, that’s poking the bear. You poke the bear, you can’t be upset when he bites back.”

This is in a word, interesting.

Bumgarner will make what is presumed to be his final start against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on Thursday evening. Furthermore, Muncy is front and center; hitting clean-up for Los Angeles.

Is Bochy alluding to an event taking place within the game when the two meet – or simply warning against poking fun at the quiet and fragile starting pitcher?

We must all stay tuned to see what happens, and to see if Bochy was foreshadowing in any way.

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  1. Remember the end of last season when the Dodgers were behind the Rockies in the division and the Giants reportedly tried to play spoiler (by changing its rotation to have Bumgarner pitch against us that last game of the series?) Not sure what the Giants thought Bumgarner was supposed to do to the Dodgers last night, but watching him get pulled in the 4th inning was satisfaction (and the win, albeit too close for comfort, was even sweeter.)

  2. Barb,
    I remember that rotation realignment last season. It was so funny how ‘Dodger” penis envy aware the Giants are and what lengths they will go to to keep us out of the playoffs.
    Watching the “Snot Slinger” Bumgarner get his brains beat in last nite in the fourth by the Dodgers was magnificent!

    • Hey bluz1st. Happy Friday, 2 days before my 65 th birthday! We saw last night why our BP needs an’alignment ‘ fix. But as far as Bumgarner goes, he made his own bed and now he can lie in it.And perhaps Bochy doesn’t realize the hypocrisy of Bumgarner, as whenever he should hit a HR himself, he does what he accuses Muncy or any other player by standing there and admiring it. what a tool he is!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bumgarner’s got to grow up,I could see if the batter showed him up,but he DEFINITELY didn’t. When you act like he does he looks foolish and very immature. He should take a few classes in anger management. Also hygiene, blowing his nose with his hand is so gross,especially on National television.