Dodgers News: Corey Seager & A.J. Pollock Rehab With Virtual Reality

‘Virtual Reality Headset’ being used while rehabbing.

If you have felt like the Dodgers lineup has been a little barren lately, you’re not abnormal. Clearly, front and center are the absences of shortstop Corey Seager and outfielder A.J. Pollock. While the Dodgers gave recent positive updates on the return dates of both players, they have been putting in work to get back between the white lines.

Prior to Wednesday night’s contest with the Arizona Diamondbacks, manager Dave Roberts dropped a couple interesting tidbits in regards to the rehab of Seager and Pollock. Furthermore, it involves virtual reality.

Now, that’s interesting. In all of my time following baseball, I haven’t heard of this type of contraption. First off, I want one in my living room. Second, this sounds like an excellent piece that The Athletic will have more to expand upon if either of these guys comes back and gets hot. Does it not?

Finally, Alanna Rizzo provides us with an interesting nugget in regards to Seager’s return. File this in the ‘don’t count on it, but’ department if you can.

With days before the All-Star break ticking away like sands through the hourglass, we wouldn’t expect Seager back too quickly. However, more will be known in the very near-term. David Vassegh of AM570 has more on Seager’s rehab.

The Dodgers should be getting some key cogs back very soon. When they do, we have to hope for a clean bill of health. It seems like they haven’t been at full-strength for a long run of games yet in 2019.

Finally, I can’t wait to hear more about the virtual reality rehab machine.

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  1. I honestly believe that we can trade Kershaw, Jansen, Hill, Turner, Muncy, Friese, Beauty and Martin all for just cash (saving about $300 million), then call up Ruiz, Lux, Alvarez, May, Smith, Downs, Santana and Goselin AND BARELY MISS A BEAT!!! Imagine adding one of their top 5 players in the league to this young core…

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