Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Updates on Joc Pederson

While the Dodgers are in Colorado for the first and only time in 2020, they’re there without one long-time outfielder. Yesterday, the club announced that Joc Pederson had been placed on the family medical emergency list for undisclosed reasons. 

Understandably, whenever family is involved, it’s not the place of the media to ask what is going on with the player, especially to the team’s manager. However, a fair baseball question is when might we expect to see the player back? Dave Roberts let us know the latest on his expectations.

I think the goal is to get Joc back on Tuesday. We’ll see. That could change. Obviously family first, but the goal is to see him back on the field, in the lineup — depending on who the pitcher is — on Tuesday.

The 2020 season has been especially unkind to Pederson in what could be his last in Dodger blue. In 38 games, the lefty swinger has just 19 hits in 109 at-bats (.174 avg) while mostly platooning with A.J. Pollock in left field. With family issues coinciding with struggles on the field, it’s easy to wonder if the two are related. Roberts shared his thoughts on that idea on Thursday.

I think maybe recently, but I just don’t know when and heavy his heart has been.

If that statement doesn’t tug at your heartstrings…

Whatever issues that Joc and his family are going through, thankfully you know with this team and group of players that he has the full support of the organization. More than that, he has the love and support from everyone in Dodgers Nation.

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    • I am praying for him and his family. But what the heck does Roberts mean by: “I think maybe recently, but I just don’t know when and heavy his heart has been.” That sentence doesn’t make sense. My thoughts are: Joc and Stripling were about to be traded when suddenly it was off, and they were both still Dodgers. That ought to be frustrating enough. But then Stripling was traded to Toronto. That left Joc. I can understand that he feels a bit downtrodden. All the while his wife is having their baby, which can be scary with the Covid raging. I wish him the best no matter what happens.

  1. I hope everything is ok with Joc & his family. But. I have another question. I see these bat boys day in & day out. What is there status ? Don’t they go to school? And who do they belong to, that they are able to go to all the games? Travel home

  2. Don Cato, what an ass you are. You don’t even know the magnitude of his leave! Joc, I am praying for you and your family and anxiously awaiting your return, you are truly missed. Thank you doc for filling us in.

  3. Joc is obviously going through some tough times right now and I think it is very inconsiderate of you to mention the possibility of this being his last year as a Dodger due to his low stats. No matter how much truth there might be to what you said, this is not the time to bring it up.

  4. Family does come first, and we know Dodgers have it covered as far as his absence goes. Hope all is well going forward and true that for whatever reasons, he’s not the player he was in 2019 with those 36 HRs and good play inthe OF. The time to bring up his future status is this coming off season, as he’s a FA.

  5. Joc pounded the ball last year, and any game he is liable to break out. He is one of my favorite Dodgers, he can be as clutch as anybody. The Dodgers should keep him. This year has been weird for a lot of good players, Bellinger, Muncy, look at Yelich’s numbers (.208 BA for the season).

  6. I don’t know what the problem is, but I know Joc is a Dodger and a good man and so I pray for him and support him all the way. This world can be hard, but if we rally around him and his, we can make it a little better for them. Hang in there Joc.

  7. Praying and thinking positive thoughts for Joc and his family whatever the circumstance is. Joc will be back when he is supposed to. We love you Joc and support you fully on and off the field.