Dodgers News: Depth Remains Team’s Greatest Strength

Today over at The Sporting News, writer Jesse Spector released his list of each team’s greatest strength going into the season. On that list were things you’d expect. For instance, Mike Trout being the Angels’ greatest strength. And then there was the Dodgers. Their greatest strength? Depth.

That shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who has followed the offseason storylines or anything of that nature. After all, the front office has made a concerted effort to build a plethora of depth within the organization, both in the majors and below, in order to survive the possible blow of injuries.

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From Jesse Spector of The Sporting News:

A quick rundown: Andre Ethier broke his leg, Brett Anderson had back surgery, Howie Kendrick hurt his calf, Yasmani Grandal strained his forearm, Alex Guerrero tweaked his knee, Hyun-Jin Ryu isn’t ready to come back from shoulder surgery … and the Dodgers still have the ability to field a representative team. Just, you know, put Clayton Kershaw in bubble wrap or something.

As Spector mentions, the Dodgers have dealt with several severe injuries already this spring, but they always seem to have someone ready to take over a vacant spot. That depth is the main reason the team will be able to stay competitive through the first part of the season until reinforcements arrive.

While the front office eschewed big name talent in the free agent and trade market, they were able to build an extensively deep squad that could survive the injury bug. So far, they are. There’s no telling how many more injuries they could actually survive, but they’ve done a solid job of it so far.

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  1. I’m a little tired of hearing about the Dodgers’ depth. It’s management’s answer whenever someone brings up the point that this year’s team doesn’t look as good as last year’s (which wasn’t as good as the year before). Yes, they have a lot of players, but many of them aren’t that good, or they are untested rookies or minor leaguers. 
    Everyone points out that Brandon McCarthy will be back in June. Whoop-de-do. McCarthy has been a mediocre to poor pitcher for almost his entire career. He was terrible before he got hurt last year. Alex Wood, Mike Bolsinger, Carlos Frias, Zack Lee–all starting pitchers, all mediocre. 
    Barnes, Thompson, Hernandez, DeLeon, Urias all have potential. But will they fulfill it, or will they look like Joc Pederson in August?
    It takes more that depth to win. It also requires excellence. How much excellence does this team have?