Dodgers News: Fans Approve of Roberts Thus Far

A lot of the fanbase is already behind new Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, and the early returns from the Spring Training games are quite promising when it comes to the team’s aggressive baserunning style. They’ve really tried to take advantage of some of their athletic gifts, and it’s paid off a little bit.

Still, you always want to know what fans are thinking about and how they’re reacting to some of the changes that were made over the offseason. There is no bigger change really than replacing your manager, and that’s exactly what the Dodgers did. So, what do the fans think about Roberts already?

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From the official Dodgers Nation twitter account:

As you can see, 470 people feel that the new manager is meeting expectations. That’s the highest result on the poll, and it’s exactly 50 percent of the total voting pool already. With all things considered, this is a pretty fair result in the poll since it is Spring Training and there isn’t much to expect.

The curious part here is the six percent who feel that Dave Roberts is not meeting expectations so far. 56 people feel that, somehow, Roberts is not meeting the expectations that they had of him. The team has played well in the spring, and they’re aggressive on the bases. So, that’s a little interesting.

The other 413 voters picked that Roberts is exceeding expectations. That, like the people voting for not meeting expectations, is certainly interesting. Then again, these are all open to interpretation and it is an opinion poll (obviously). The results are just interesting in a lot of cases.

Dave Roberts has his work cut out for himself this season, and he hopes to lead the Dodgers to their fourth straight division title. Is he the guy to do it? We’ll have to see during the season, but he’s looked capable so far during the spring. Still, it is just spring.

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