Dodgers News: Farhan Zaidi Hints Giants Would Be Open To Trading With Los Angeles

Former GM Says “You want to weaken your rivals in future years.”

On Friday evening the Los Angeles Dodgers lost 2-1 in San Francisco. Still, the two teams remain 16 games apart in the standings; with one in last and one in first. Clearly, these are franchises heading in opposite directions.

Therefore with the Dodgers continuing their run at the top in pursuit of the elusive championship and the Giants starting a rebuild, does the possibility exist for the two to work together?

Interestingly, Farhan Zaidi said it’s possible in a recent interview with Mark Sanchez of KBNR San Francisco.

In fact, Zaidi won’t rule out the possibility of doing trade business with his former team. Especially if it could weaken the Dodgers in future years.

“If we do end up in a position where we’re selling and looking to get some future talent, you actually want to be trading in the division because you want to weaken your rivals in future years, and you want them to push more chips in to the present. In a way, it actually benefits you more.”

Furthermore, days ago we brought up the possibility of a reunion with left-hander Tony Watson. The Giants have several pieces specifically in the way of veteran bullpen help that could be a target for the Dodgers.

Zaidi says there is no emotional disadvantage of doing business with the Dodgers’ front office. Actually, the former general manager sees the relationships he left behind as a possible strength in doing a trade with the Dodgers.

“I understand there’s all kinds of emotional baggage going with that,” said Zaidi, who surely knows the Dodgers’ farm system well. “Maybe the Dodgers are a special case, and I think most fans would say it’s not maybe, they just are a special case. But in general, I actually think trading in the division has a strategic advantage.”

Finally, I wouldn’t be shocked if Zaidi and Andrew Friedman make some music on a small trade. It’s important to realize that Zaidi probably has advanced intel on a number of young Dodger prospects when he left the building with his laptop.

Would you be okay with giving up a possible future gem for a solid relief arm now? It sounds like win-win business to me.

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  1. Sure, who do the Giants want? Cody Bellinger and Alex Verdugo for Tony Watson and Sam Dyson? All kidding aside, I do anticipate a trade between the two franchises that could foreseeably include a Giants’ arm for “a young Dodgers’ prospect” or two. The fact of the matter is we need to remedy our bull pen issue and they need to take steps to totally rebuild their team. Could work…

  2. zaidi says “he wants to weaken your rivals(Dodgers)” by trading with them. This is why I say no to any trade with Giants. He knows our good and bad prospects too well.

  3. Genius over there telling everyone he wants to trade with them to mortgage rivals future. Not that we all didn’t know that anyway but still. I don’t want to trade with the Giants not just for that reason but also because I don’t think the drive to win it all with this uniform on would be there with one of their players especially Bumgarner who spent years winning titles with the Giants during their mission to pass the Dodgers

  4. The Dodgers desperately need bullpen help especially now that the Cubs have Kimbrell and can shorten the game with their Bullpen. This is all about the Post Season.
    While the Dodgers have the Superior starting pitching they continue to not be able to hold the competition in the 7th and 8th innings. In the Post Season, you cannot use Jansen in the 8th & 9th innings. The Dodgers have to have a couple of dependable bridge relievers. Plus Roberts is a terrible manager of relief pitching. He should have been fired after the Hill fiasco last WS.
    Yes, Zaidi knows the Farm Team, however, the Dodgers have talented players that are blocked in the foreseeable future due to great young talent ahead of them. I would love to see them talk about Will Smith and Watson. With those two in the Dodger BP, I would like our chances in the WS against the Astros or anyone else.

    • Hello tmaxter, and I concur about what ya say about the BP. I ya have seen any posts of mine recently, one that simply states it all is…’NO BP NO WS Ring’. It’s as simple as that. What it may cost the Dodgers to get BP help remains to be seen, but it most likely costs Dodgers more in the way of prospects than it would cost any other team in MLB.

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