Dodgers News: Fernando Valenzuela Takes A Shot At Zack Greinke

Today is Fan Fest, and it was nice to see that a Dodgers legend like Fernando Valenzuela wasted zero time making it utterly interesting with a quote.

Zack Greinke left this offseason to sign with the Arizona Diamondbacks, one of the Dodgers’ National League West rivals. And that’s fine. Except not to Fernando.

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From the official Dodgers Nation (@DodgersNation) Twitter account:

Can you feel the burn?! This isn’t just a shot across Greinke’s bow by Valenzuela, this is a whole barrage of cannonballs towards the mast. It’s quite impressive.

Saying “a better pitcher wouldn’t leave” implies that Greinke is not as good as some other pitchers, and maybe he’s not, but it does seem a tad ridiculous to say. In this day in age, players leave for all sorts of reasons. It doesn’t make them any less impactful and qualified than others, though.

You can dismiss Valenzuela’s comments as just one man speaking about how he’s disappointed another man, another great pitcher, left the Dodgers during his prime, and that’s probably all it really boils down to.

But, it’s still interesting nonetheless that Valenzuela felt that deeply about it. So deeply, in fact, that he said someone better wouldn’t have left. We’re already off to a roaring start at Fan Fest.

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