Dodgers News: Field Naming Rights For Sale Per SBJ

One of the best things about being a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers is getting to watch the boys in blue at Dodger Stadium. Not only is it the third oldest stadium in all of Major League Baseball, but it also doesn’t have some random company’s name at the beginning of it. Well, that could change in the near future.

According to Sports Business Journal, the team has been shopping the naming rights to the field since Spring of this year. How much does something like this cost? The team is reportedly looking for a staggering $12 million a year!

A quick scroll through the mentions of the tweet below shows an immense amount of unhappiness from Dodger fans, and rightfully so.

So would a potential buyer be getting a good deal at $12 million a year? To give you an example, the San Diego Padres made a 22-year deal with Petco for a total of about $60 million. That comes out to almost $3 million a year.

On the other hand, the New York Mets made a ludicrous 20-year deal with Citigroup valued at $400 million. After some intense math, that comes out to $20 million a year!

So it seems like at $12 million a year, the Los Angeles Dodgers are not asking for anything extraordinary as for as value goes. Dodger stadium has led the league in attendance since 2013 and they are located in Los Angeles, one of the largest markets in the world.

With all of that said, it would be a shame for the Los Angeles Dodgers to sell the field naming rights. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Alex Perez

Whittier College Alumnus.
Editor In Chief of Dodgers Nation.
Lifelong Dodgers fan.


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  1. I’m a lifelong Dodgers fan. I LOVE that Dodger Stadium is just that and only that. Dodger Stadium should remain simple and clean. Let it stay Dodger Stadium!!!

  2. The Dodgers management has turned me off since they screwed the fans out of television access. This is another greedy move that keeps me from spending any money for game attendance, products, or TV.

    I love the team…players, coaches, staff, but I won’t spend a dime until management starts listening to the fans.

  3. It would be a shame to put a corporate name on the best baseball venue in the MLB. The Dodgers don’t need the money-let’s not make a change to Dodger Stadium aka Chavez Ravine that has been an LA landmark since 1962! Let’s get real!!!!!!

  4. Dodger Stadium is an icon and should not be messed with management should think hard and long before doing this to the fans I for one am very much against changing your name

  5. Please DON’T. Keep it PURE DODGER STADIUM. LA has resisted the foolishness of mascots running around the stadium; keep it pure, clean, and simple. DODGER STADIUM says it all.

  6. I don’t like it all period. Don’t tarnish the image that has been there for 55 years. One word that describes it best, “Overkill.”

  7. The irony of this pst is that Charlie & Rick went off on naming rights of White Sox stadium on Sunday. As Rick said, you don’t have to ask where the game is in Los Angeles. Mark and his group took billions for a TV deal that has basically taken the team away from a majority of us. Now for a measly 12 million you want to take away our tradition???? Mark you’re in Chicago how would you feel if Wrigley was renam d GOOGLE Ballpark

    • Don’t do it
      Don’t sell out. Does magic and the rest of the mgmt team really need another 12 mill a year?
      Come on magic.

    • I would gladly see them grant some corporation naming rights for a large fee as long as the Stadium went back to Nancy B organ music between innings instead of the non-Stop blaring ‘music’ and other noise they play now.

  8. Having a corporate name staring at you while watching the game is annoying. Ex. SD Padres National University sign in the outfield. Sell more hot dogs.

  9. You just stabbed me in the heart!! Mark Walters, we realize you’re just a faceless owner, but like Andy said, You’re in Chicago, how would you feel if Wrigley was renamed GOOGLE Ballpark?!!! Huh? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? !!!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!’

  10. Here’s an idea, start putting logos from sponsor companies on the players uniforms like they do in NASCAR. it wouldn’t be any more petty than this.

  11. If it become Dodgers Stadium Inel Park, at least one could cut the last half off when talking about the place, but it just becomes Home Depot Stadium, how depressing….

  12. Heartbroken if this happens! Sacrilegious! Been a Dodgers fan since 1958! C’mon Dodgers ownership, have the balls to say NO!!!!

  13. I don’t care if they offered them 20 mil a year. Some things are not for sale, and that includes our home away from home. The only way Im ok with this is if they call it King Taco stadium and we get 5 free tacos when we win!!!

  14. How about Weinerschnitzel stadium?just what Dodger fans have been waiting for! Just because you have money does not mean you have brains.

  15. The Greed continues. From Tv blackout to this. And failure to produce a world series. What are the priorities with this ownership!!l i can go on and on. But it is a waste of my time.

  16. Money, money, money – the Dodger organization cannot put enough in their collective pockets! They receive enough each year from SportsNLA to make payroll every year for years to come and in so doing cut out the Dodger viewer. Of the 30% of the market that can view SNLA only a small fraction of the population actually does. Greed has taken over the Dodger owners and that is very sad. I believe Hustler Stadium is a good fit.

  17. this really doesn’t mater, because any company willing to give $$ to the Dodgers for this isn’t getting what they want. whenever, a Dodgers fan goes to the ballpark, they will still call it Dodger Stadium. “hey where you going…I am going to Dodger Stadium” It is just another revenue stream for LA. If that means they will win a WS then go for it.
    whatever…I was just in Cleveland, the fans there still call it “theJake” nobody calls it Progressive field. same thing in Chicago if they ever did the same thing at Wrigley. Everyone would still call it Wrigley. It is just a foolish business move.

  18. 12 million more a year? Put it directly in to the team payroll. Dodgers get 350 million a year from Spectrum and 50 million for national games. With 400 million each year, who cares if our payroll is 300 million? That’s before one ticket or one soda is sold!

  19. I watched this park being built. It is and always will be Chaves Ravine, or Dodger Stadium. NOTHING ELSE!!

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