Dodgers News: Former Dodger Manny Ramirez Has a Few Odd Perks In His New Contract

When the Dodgers traded for Manny Ramirez in 2008, not only were they getting a star to put in the heart of their lineup, they were also trading for one of baseball’s greatest characters.

Nine years later, Manny is still being Manny.

After spending parts of three years in a Dodger uniform, Ramirez bounced around in different organizations, playing his last major league game in 2011.

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The now 44-year-old Ramirez has just signed a new contract with the Kochi Fighting Dogs, of the Shikoku Island League Plus in Japan.

That alone is news in itself, but the real news comes from the details inside of his contract.

All of the following are reportedly included in Ramirez’s new contract:

  • Use of a Mercedes and a personal driver
  • Practices are optional for him
  • A hotel suite for road games
  • Unlimited sushi throughout the season

Unlimited sushi? Yes. Unlimited sushi. Something that one could only expect from Manny Ramirez himself.

It looks as though the signing of Ramirez will be to attract fans to the stadium and sell extra jerseys more than anything. It would be hard to expect too much from the 44-year-old.

Maybe the Kochi Fighting Dogs fans can give Manny Ramirez his own version of Mannywood that he had during his time in Los Angeles.

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  1. I’m hard-pressed to believe this has anything to do with selling extra jerseys. We’re talking about an independent league that doesn’t have a ton of fans. Not like they’re going to sell thousands of anyone’s jersey – even if Mike Trout were to join the team. It’s definitely going to help attendance, but that’s about all. Hope they get their money’s worth out of this signing…

  2. I’m happy for Manny. When he came to the Dodgers he really caused a great sensation in Los Angeles and he played very well too. If he hadn’t been suspended at the beginning of the 2009 season for 50 he really could have helped the Dodgers
    not only reach the playoffs but to make a deep run in them. He admitted to taking
    performance enhancing drugs, one of the few players to come clean about what they did. Unlike many others. I do think he was one of the greatest hitters of his time and I really hope that he one day gets into the Hall of Fame. He deserves it with his numbers and his admission of doing wrong which was rare. I still think back happily when he was with “my” Dodgers and generated so much excitement.