Dodgers News: Friedman Wants Montas To Start

The Dodgers made a huge splash by trading for a hard-throwing relief pitcher, and then they didn’t.

Then, they made a considerably smaller splash by signing a pretty good third starter, and then they didn’t.

Both moves fell through for random (but good) reasons, but didn’t occur all the same.


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So, when the Dodgers finally made a move that stuck, of course it drew considerable interest. At the top of the haul Andrew Friedman, Farhan Zaidi and the rest of the front office was able to acquire was Frankie Montas, a hard throwing mountain of a man with a bright future ahead.

How might said future play out, though: As a starter, or as a relief pitcher. Here’s Friedman to explain, via Dodgers Insider’s Jon Weisman:

“Our scouts feel like his fastball-slider combo is one of the best in the minor leagues, and we feel like he’s got a great chance to develop as a really good Major League starting pitcher,” Dodger president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said Wednesday.

“As we go through it and get a chance to be around him on a daily basis, it’ll be interesting to get a better feel for where he is with the changeup and his ability to manipulate the slider. But (we) feel like he’s got a really good chance to be a really good Major League starting pitcher, and if not, we feel like he can be an impact bullpen arm.”

All of that makes a ton of sense, and is also pretty much the stereotypical Andrew Friedman quote. He doesn’t really say anything.

To be fair, there isn’t much to say until we actually see Montas pitch, but for now, he’s right there among all the most exciting Dodgers prospects.

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