Dodgers News: Greinke Addresses Murphy At-Bat, Mental Mistake

When it was all said and done, the Los Angeles Dodgers fell short against the New York Mets in their National League Division Series matchup. After a roller coaster first inning, the offense behind Zack Greinke could not deliver in crucial moments, which ended up being their undoing.

While Greinke largely held the Mets in check Daniel Murphy continued to be the exception to the rule. In the sixth inning Murphy deposited a full-count pitch into right field for a solo home run, giving the Mets the decided 3-2 lead.

Although no one was on base, Greinke delivered the fateful pitch to Murhphy out of the stretch. “He was taking really good swings and really good takes. I was trying to do something different,” Greinke explained after the loss.

The adjustment was one the 31-year-old right-hander did previously to better results. “I did [it] earlier on [Lucas] Duda and it worked,” Greinke said. “But it didn’t work that time. I was pitching good out of the stretch, so I felt confident both ways. If he was seeing something from me in the windup, I wanted to switch it up.”

Greinke was otherwise pleased with his outing, calling the tough-luck loss among his best starts of the season. As for the miscue at third base with the Dodgers in a shift, which allowed Murphy to go first to third on a Lucas Duda walk in the fourth inning, Greinke didn’t place blame on any specific person.

“Just someone is supposed to be there – either me or [Corey] Seager or Yas [Yasmani Grandal],” he said. “Someone should be there. A bunch of people made mistakes. It wasn’t any one person.”

The final game of the year had more implications for Greinke. The Florida native has an opt out clause in his contract after this season, which he is expected to exercise. Though, that shouldn’t be taken as a sign Greinke doesn’t wish to re-sign with the Dodgers.

“That’d be nice,” he answered when asked if his hope was to return with Los Angeles next season.

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