Dodgers News: Joc Pederson Follows in Adrian Gonzalez’s Training Footsteps

There’s no word on when Joc Pederson’s first professional boxing match will be, likely since it’ll never ever happen, but the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder is certainly training like he’s preparing for a match.

Today, at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Los Angeles, Pederson took some time out to train and box. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a great way to get into shape and also improve upon hand-eye coordination.

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From Joc Pederson’s official Instagram page:

Two things immediately jump off the page here. First, he’s wearing some hideous Oregon Ducks shorts that need to be burned immediately. Seriously. Those are terrible.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, Pederson is wearing actual Los Angeles Dodgers boxing gloves. That’s pretty sweet. Nothing like having your own customized set of gloves.

Athletes from other sports have taken to combat sports activities lately in an effort to improve conditioning, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and overall athleticism. It’s a lot of core strength, and that’s where some players across the sports landscape are trying to improve their bodies.

No word on how this will help Pederson this upcoming season, but for someone trying to bounce back from a rough second half at the plate this really isn’t a bad thing to do. Pretty cool to see.

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