Dodgers News: Keith Law Picks Dodgers in NL West

The regular season begins tomorrow for a few of the teams around the league, but the season for the Los Angeles Dodgers doesn’t begin until Monday. In the meantime, ESPN insider Keith Law has released his predictions for the season, and it’s very favorable for the Boys In Blue and the fanbase.

As it stands, Keith Law has the Dodgers winning the National League West for the fourth straight season, and he has them finishing with 89 wins. He has them taking the division crown over the San Francisco Giants by a measly two games, but it’s still another division title regardless of the margin of victory.

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From ESPN Insider Keith Law:

The Dodgers’ quarter-billion-dollar payroll hasn’t bought them a complete starting rotation yet, which is why I didn’t predict them to win 90 games despite the NL’s second-best offense. They can fade some of the minor injuries to Yasmani Grandal or Howie Kendrick, but they’re looking at a rotation of the planet’s best pitcher, two No. 4 starters and a lot of “other.”

Law isn’t sold too much on Scott Kazmir or Kenta Maeda, but he believes in Clayton Kershaw and the offense so much that he has them winning the division crown. That speaks to how good the offense can actually be this season, spring training woes over the last two days notwithstanding.

It’s going to be a long season, but the Dodgers do seem poised to win their fourth straight division title. All the teams in their division have question marks, Giants included. This will be a dogfight, and it appears that a lot of people are banking on the Dodgers being the ones who come out ahead.

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  1. Are you kidding me Keith Law?  One quality starter.  Number one catcher on DL to start the season.  Bullpen yet to be proven. Crawford still in LF.  Ethier out with broken leg.  Pederson the strikeout king in CF.  Scoring a whopping 3 runs in 27 innings in the freeway series.  Can Gonzo carry the entire team AGAIN on his shoulders all by himself?  What is it Keith that you see that the rest of us don’t?

  2. Keith “who”. Is that a joke! 
    And it appears a lot of people are “NOT” banking on the dodgers being the one to come out ahead. Ask ESPN, s 30 experts. Doesn’t seem to be any dodger picks there. But then I guess the dodgers wouldn’t let you quote that article!

  3. Law is assuming quite a lot. That these injuries like last year’s will stop despite everyone being a year older. That like in previous years someone like Hanley, Puig and Kemp will like Superman rescue their sorry offense again. Then this bullpen that has also been sorry will all of a sudden turn it around after failing for at least three years. The only thing that I feel good about is two fellows named Kershaw and Jansen.