Dodgers News: Kenley Jansen Still Taking Heart Health Precautions

Kenley Jansen reported to spring training down 25 pounds. Now that he’s lean and ready to go for 2019, it’s important to remember where he came from. Jansen battled scary heart problems while pitching through the 2018 season. He had a procedure done in the offseason, and is taking every precaution to make sure the issue doesn’t become a storyline again.

Recently, he spoke with Bill Plunkett of the OC Register about his health. Plunkett tweets that Jansen is wearing a heart monitor even still.

Jansen talked about the entire experience and weighing the pros and cons of surgery. It’s interesting that his cardiologist wanted him to remain in Colorado after the incident to work out – to see if the issue happened again. As we know, Jansen opted for surgery.

From the article:

The whole experience made Jansen more aware of his health. He dedicated himself to a healthier diet during the offseason, dropped 25 pounds and lowered his blood pressure. He no longer has to take any blood-thinning medication but still wears a heart monitor under his shirt, checking his heart rate during workouts and afterward to make sure he stays in the appropriate ranges.

Similarly to many of you, Kenleys wears a heart rate tracker to know his pulse at all times. Despite the health issues hopefully being in his rear view mirror, one must hope that he has a triumphant and resurgent 2019 season statistically.

One of the most interesting bits of the article with Plunkett speaks towards Jansen’s cutter spin rate, which has seen a steady decline. This is a trend to keep an eye on as we enter the new season. And of course, Kenley’s health must remain in tact.

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  1. I too had an Atrial Ablation, it is a reality check on your mortality. Mine, they believe, was caused by Sleep Apnea. I highly recommend that anyone suspecting they are suffering from this get checked. It can kill you. They now have a headset you can take home and wear for a couple of days and simply bring it back for evaluation. No more needing to go to a sleep clinic and possibly have huge charges. If you think you or someone you know has Sleep Apnea suggest they get it checked it can save their lives.

    My Doctor suggested I buy an iPhone 4 as it has the ability to perform an EKG immediately on you . My Doctor is set up so that if I feel there is an issue I can check my heart rate and perform an EKG and send him the data. He can look at it and tell me to call 911 or ?

    I am very glad Kenley is taking this seriously there is no reason he cannot be as good or better than before.