Dodgers News: Kershaw Named MLB’s Best Pitcher, Per ESPN

ESPN has named Clayton Kershaw as the best pitcher on the planet. In related news: water is wet, the Patriots are beating the Bills and the Dodgers wear blue.

Despite a “down” start to the season, Kershaw bounced back to throw 300 strikeouts, which, you know, hasn’t been done in more than a decade.

ICYMI: Gabe Kapler Praises Dave Roberts With Heartwarming Note

ESPN’s Buster Olney ranked the top 10 pitchers in the game and Kershaw topped the list. Here’s a small tidbit of what he had to say.

He already has three Cy Young Awards and two other finishes in the top 3, and while some media and fans fretted over his ERA early in 2015, the Dodgers never did, believing that he was only a couple of small adjustments away from dominating hitters as he had in the past. In the second half, Kershaw had a 1.31 ERA, with 15 walks and 141 strikeouts in 109 2/3 innings.

Yeah. That’s not bad at all. Kershaw is somehow heading into his tenth major league season and fans are left simultaneously marveling at what his career has turned into and wondering how a decade has passed so quickly.

Kershaw heads into the season as probably the biggest advantage still on the roster. Speaking of, Olney kicked off this article with a couple interesting notes.

On the organization’s choice to hire Dave Roberts:

If Friedman had stuck with his initial favorite, former outfielder Gabe Kapler, he would’ve been gambling some of his credibility not only with his bosses, but with some of his players — at a time when the Dodgers’ leadership probably needs to start demonstrating acumen to the most important person in the organization, left-hander Clayton Kershaw.

He doesn’t say who stepped up and vouched for Roberts, but if Kershaw is being taken into account it’s not too huge a leap in logic to take to assume he was among those to speak up.

Zack Greinke also made an appearance on the list, coming in third behind Jake Arrieta.

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