Dodgers News: LA Metro Joins Greinke Recruitment Pitch

Zack Greinke’s impact on the Los Angeles Dodgers has been immense since he came as a free agent in 2013, this much goes without saying. Just as it goes without saying the Dodgers, the fans and now apparently LA Metro want him to re-sign after having opted out of his current deal on Wednesday.

Look at it this way: When the Dodgers – or any sports team for that matter – are good, the entire city benefits. As such, it makes sense that multiple entities from throughout the city would get involved in the pitch to convince Greinke to re-sign this offseason.


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This tweet, from the official account of LA Metro, drew some eyes.

You hear celebrities say it all the time: once they’re millionaires, people start giving them stuff they couldn’t afford before they struck it big. I’m sure once Greinke inks his next deal (already being estimated in the $200 million range) he’ll be able to afford the entire train for rides if he pleases.

Still, free transportation to avoid L.A. traffic seems like a nice perk.

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