Dodgers News: Los Angeles Remains in Second Among MLB’s Power Rankings

Major League Baseball released their Power Rankings for this week, and the Dodgers remain completely elite in the National League.

The rankings did not change a whole lot from last week. The only team in the top 5 from the National League is the Dodgers — the Cubs remained at spot number 6.

The Dodgers went 4-2 in the last week, outscoring their opponents 23-8. Despite a lapse in offense during a few of those games, the Dodgers found ways to win. Cody Bellinger may be coming back to earth, but a hot surge from Corey Seager has kept the offense afloat.

The offense isn’t what has kept the Dodgers winning, however. That alone has been the elite starting pitching. The bullpen too, has started to show signs of consistency. Allowing only 8 runs in 6 games is impressive.

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  1. Until the Dodgers take a sizable lead over the Astros in the standings, I don’t think they’ll be moving to number one. Personally I think they’re a little better than the ‘stros, but apparently not everyone agrees.

  2. Joe Kelly broke Hanley Ramirez’ rib in the playoffs and ruined our World Series chances. Kelly beat us in the ’18 World Series. Kelly just can’t do it for us this year. With all those issues, a bobblehead???
    Might as well have a Carpenter bobblehead. Every Dodger should have a bobblehead before Kelly.