Dodgers News: Mike Leake Signs With Cardinals

The constant refrain on as we trudge through one of the weirdest and slowest-developing offseasons in recent memory has been: patience. Eventually, they’re going to do something.

Then, another free agent target is signed and you’re left to finish that last sentence with: “… Right?”

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Tuesday morning, the target to have been taken off the board was Mike Leake, who will be joining the St. Louis Cardinals, per Chris Cotillo among others.

The initial response was obviously: “Well that’s too bad.” Then, the figures and details on Leake’s deal with the Cardinals started coming out.

That’s quite a lot for Mike Leake, and the no-trade clause would also concern. Don’t get me wrong, Leake is a solid starter who would be a nice third starter for the Dodgers, but paying at least $80 million and as much as $94 million for that is insane.

Now, losing patience after Mike Leake signs elsewhere feels wrong after displaying it through watching Zack Greinke sign in Arizona and the madness that has ensued since the Winter Meetings, but there is an undeniable tension rising that wears on the patience ever so slightly.

Again, Leake is far from the straw that will break the camel’s back, but eventually it would be nice to report the Dodgers actually did something instead of how they were finalists for the free agent target who signed somewhere else.

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