Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Scratched From Tuesday’s Lineup

Not good news today.

The Dodgers are going to have to get the job done in Philly today without a few of their veteran players. They were already short Justin Turner who injured his groin in the win over the Angels on Sunday. 

Now, Mookie Betts is a let scratch from the Dodgers lineup just a few hours before game time. That news came out after Dave Roberts did his daily press conference, so there has yet to be an official confirmation on why. 

Betts has been dealing with a hip issue that has sidelined him for several days at a time, especially over the last few weeks. The Dodgers had Roberts have already said that they expected to have to manage the injury all season long. That means that the hip likely will not be getting better even with rest this year. 

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The Dodgers adjusted their lineup and went with Billy McKinney in right field with Betts out. Will Smith also slid up to the third spot in the lineup where Mookie was originally set to hit. So things had to be shuffled around in the batting order, but not so much on defense. 

The Phillies and Dodgers play their first game of a 3-game set on Tuesday night in Philadelphia. Max Scherzer makes his second start for Los Angeles and goes up against a very good pitcher in Aaron Nola. It should be a fun one, and hopefully, the offense can get going against a good arm. 

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Written by Brook Smith

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  1. I can’t believe how banged up we are. After we made those mega deals, we’ve got 3 guys on the I/L. No Kershaw or Duffy for 60 days, no Mookie again, no JT, no Kelly. Is it the way these guys are managed by Dopey Davey, is it the training staff methods.?? Somethings gotta give because now we’re picking up scraps from the waiver heap. Now that Knebel is back it’ll give Davey Dingbat another arm to wear out. Its hilarious that the only one who has survived is that rock in our bullpen shoe, Jansen. Lucky us.

  2. As much as we think we know about how much Betts is suffering with his hip injury, it’s likely that he’s suffering even much more than we think.
    With Betts out again and with JT’s groin injury and surely the potential for more injuries, it just reinforces that the Dodgers are going to have to navigate through the next 50 games, less than whole. Everybody else is going to have to step up in a big way. The Dodgers’ Dream Team lineup seems like a mirage, right now. But the lineup they do have, including the electric Trea Turner, is going to have to really click on a consistent basis. These next 6 road games will tell us a lot, about how the next 50 games are going to go.

    • Betts out, JT out, Kelly out CK out. Never in all my years following this team have I seen this magnitude of injuries on a daily basis. It’s gotten close to the point where one really can’t expect this crippled team to do much of anything come October.

      • Just think if FO didn’t pickup Scherzer and T. Turner? The Dodgers would be in really deep poop for the season.

  3. Mookie too. Go to sleep pal and forget about baseball. You guys don’t care. With your multi million dollar pay day why bother playing when you say your hurt. The fans are pissed off.

  4. Just reported that Betts is likely to go on the IL.
    As tough as it may be and as potentially costly as it might be, just looks like the Dodgers should bite the bullet and keep Betts out for the remainder of this month and then re-evaluate his availability for September.
    Any way you look at it, an extended absence by Betts will hurt but with Trea Turner, the Dodgers have a Betts-equivalent player who gives the Dodgers those dimensions a healthy Betts gave them last season.
    If Betts is out longer term, you couldn’t have a better player to rely on that T. Turner.

  5. Forget about the division. Because that’s what the entire team is doing. They will just Snore into the wild card game…Then snore to the resorts in Oct when the Vagiants are playing in the World Series

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