Dodgers News: Pedro Baez Working to Fix Recent Pitch Tipping Issue

Baez is working out the kinks to get back to his success.

Pedro Baez has reportedly been tipping his pitches and the revelation of the coaching staff was revealed after Baez surrendered two home runs in the Boston series and three home runs over three appearances.

Some good developments have come out of it, with Baez reportedly working on it:

The fact that Baez was surprised by the mishap is actually a good sign that he can turn this around and that it will not be a lingering issue. Baez has never dealt with this sort of problem before in his career with the Dodgers, so it is a bit out of the ordinary and unpleasant, obviously.

This quite possibly could be a problem that came out of Baez taking a line drive to his body a few weeks prior to the issue’s reported start.

With the bullpen in the shape that it is in, Baez needs to remain a key piece to the puzzle and stopping the tipping of pitches is a major step in getting that type of Baez back.

Baez has posted a 3.67 ERA and 3.81 FIP on the season across 41 2/3 innings of work.

Written by Daniel Preciado

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