Dodgers News: Puig Not Expected To Be Suspended, per sources

In November 2015, Los Angeles Dodgers outfield Yasiel Puig was involved in an alleged domestic violence incident that involved his sister at a Miami bar. It resulted in Puig, according to police, getting into a fight with a bouncer and shoving his own sister. Well, it seems like news is flowing in now about the punishment for that.

After news came out today about New York Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman being suspended for 30 games due to his own domestic violence issues this offseason, it has since been learned that, according to ESPN sources familiar with the investigation, Yasiel Puig will not be suspended for November’s incident.

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From ESPN dot com’s news services:

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig is not expected to be suspended for an alleged domestic violence incident involving his sister, sources familiar with Major League Baseball’s investigation told ESPN’s Pedro Gomez.

This is, at least as far as the team is concerned, seen as solid news. According to the report from ESPN, Puig was initially very uncooperative with the Major League Baseball investigators, but has since done everything they’ve asked of him. The good will seems to have carried some weight.

However, that doesn’t mean that the matter is closed:

While the investigation is not closed and a final decision might take some time, sources told Gomez nothing has been uncovered that would warrant a suspension.

Still, things could change as far as a decision goes about a Puig suspension, but for right now it appears that the Dodgers will be having Puig available on Opening Day and for the duration of the season without the possibility of a suspension. That is if you are to believe the sources that talked to Pedro Gomez.

Domestic violence is something that Major League Baseball takes very seriously, as everyone should, and they have been conducting their investigations into Puig, Chapman, and Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes. It does appear, for now, that Puig will not get any disciplinary action from MLB.

However, as the tweet above spells out, MLB has not finished their investigation and the commissioner, Rob Manfred, has not given a decision as of yet. For now, there is no decision, but sources told ESPN there wouldn’t be a suspension. Stay tuned on this one.

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