Dodgers’ News: Rich Hill Goes For A Milestone Strikeout Tonight

The Dodgers’ Rich Hill is approaching one thousand career strikeouts, and could reach it tonight.

There have been 517 pitchers to reach the 1000 strikeout mark at the Major League level. One of those will be Dodgers’ pitcher Rich Hill, who is sitting at 991 ahead of his start against the Giants on Wednesday night.

Rich Hill is one of those guys that you can’t help but root for in life, and in baseball. He is a genuine ball player that just loves to play the game and may be one of the most entertaining players in all of baseball. Hill also started a charity in honor of his son Brooks, who passed away at a very young age due to a condition he was born with.

Hill has appeared in 65 games for the Dodgers, striking out 414 and pitching to a dandy 3.20 earned run average since he arrived summer 2016. But it hasn’t always come as easy as it has looked in Los Angeles for Hill.

Before the 2016 trade, Hill was somewhat of a journeyman in baseball. He played in Chicago for 4 years, Baltimore for 1 year, Boston for 3 years, Cleveland for 1 year, split a season between the Angels and Yankees, went back to Boston for a year, and played in Oakland for half a season until the Dodgers landed him in a deal.

He has amassed his 991 strikeouts for 7 different teams(did not earn one with the Angels) across 15 Major League seasons. And yet, there’s plenty more to the story of Rich Hill. He spent part of the 2015 season with the Long Island Ducks, an independent team in the Atlantic League. Two starts there were all that was needed for teams to start calling him again.

Rich Hill has faced plenty of adversity and heartbreak in his life. His son passing in 2014 is the latest and perhaps most serious of uphill battles he has had to face. But it certainly has not stopped him from having a terrific career and giving everything he has to the game.

No one can tell you when it’s time to get back to doing what you love to do. You just have to kind of feel your way through it.- Rich Hill (via The Players Tribune)

He could potentially break that 1000 threshold tonight in Los Angeles with a 9 strikeout performance against the Giants. Hill has two starts this year in which he struck out 9 or more batters.



Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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  1. Hi Brook
    I am a 60 year Dodger fan and i have never seen a dumb blank loser manager like Roberts in all of baseball.
    Friedman is another loser and don’t know how to build a team. He only gets his useless losers like his great sign this year of Loser Kelly. He traded Puig and Kemp and company but look who he keeps. Taylor , Hernandez , Baez , Jansen , Barns and so on and as bad as they are loser Roberts keeps putting them in every damn game. Bases loaded how many times and he lets those losers stay in or bring them in to pinch hit and what happens every damn time? They all strikeout or hit into double plays. And Roberts has no respect for any starting pitchers and he screws them out of no hitters , complete games to bring in his bunch of loser relief losers like Jansen and Kelly and Baez to blow the game again and again. DO you know how many wins the Dodgers would have now if that loser Roberts wasnt manager. 1 we would have had at least the 1st world series against Houston if he would have left Kershaw start the game instead of you know who. Yes one of Roberts and Freidman special men but what happens to Robert? Freidman gived him another contract to manage more years so he will screw our Dodgers over and over again. Kershaw and more need to get out and go to a real team that wants to win a world series because they will go no where as long as Freidman and Roberts are still in power.

  2. John… Are we watching the same games. Yes, we hit into double plays. All teams do. Yes, a closer may lose a game or more. All closers do. Yes, we lost the World Series, (twice). It’s a 50/50 chance of winning. With each loss, the manager figures out why, and we as fans keep our fingers cross that our team will be given another chance to win, (it all)! We have the best manager that the Dodgers have had, in a very long time. It takes at least three years for a manager to learn his team, and Dave has been doing just that. Learning with each mistake that happens. My family has been going to the games since 1965, and in 1967 we got season tickets, which we still have. Through the really good times, and the really bad times, our blood is still BLUE. I live in Northern California now, and only get to share special game time moments with my Mom, but living in Giants territory…. Well, you sound just like a Giant fan. Not very dedicated…

  3. If having the best record in MLB right now is not enough, if winning six straight division titles is not enough, if winning back to back NL pennants is not enough, maybe it would be better for John if he should find another team to root for.

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