Dodgers News: Roberts Celebrates First Victory

John Gastaldo - San Diego Union-Tribune

Winning your first game as a manager has to be a major thrill. Winning your first game as a manager because your team posted the largest opening day shutout in Major League Baseball history has to be the thing dreams are made of. That’s what happened for new Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, and he celebrated in style.

Roberts is an interesting man. He’s far different in both style and substance than previous manager Don Mattingly was. Roberts exudes energy, and the team has taken on his aura quite quickly. They play hard, they play fast, and they are aggressive as can be. It’s now left Roberts basking in his first victory.

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From Bernie Wilson, an Associated Press writer and Yahoo! Sports contributor:

Roberts said he was going to keep the jersey he wore Monday and was going to get a copy of the lineup card. He planned to head to his home in northern San Diego County and have a nice bottle of red wine and dinner with his family.

That’s pretty awesome. Roberts getting to keep the jersey and getting a copy of the lineup card from his first win is pretty special. But perhaps the greatest part of all of this is how the Dodgers manager really celebrated. He headed to his home nearby and had dinner and wine with his family. What a guy!

It seems like the players already love having him as their manager, and this latest episode should only further strengthen their bond. Roberts is a fun-loving guy, and the way he celebrated his first ever win is truly great. After all, you can’t spell wine without W-I-N. Good on you, Dave. Save us a glass.

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Written by Justin Russo

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