Dodgers News: San Diego Padres Block Coach From Throwing To Joc Pederson In Derby

“It did not go over well on their side.”

Big news broke on Wednesday night – Joc Pederson will partake in the 2019 Home Run Derby in Cleveland. Now, the Dodgers have a contestant in the contest for the sixth straight year. Moreover, arrangements need to be made for Monday; such as who will be throwing to Pederson.

Bill Plunkett of the OC Register has a little nugget of information for us on Twitter, and it’s interesting. Apparently Pederson requested the services of Johnny Washington. Currently, Washington is the hitting coach for the San Diego Padres; formerly a coach for the Dodgers. In fact, he threw to Pederson in the 2015 contest when he came in second.

However, the Padres do not want to lend their coach to Joc Pederson for Monday’s contest.

This hints of a little bit of rivalry reborn. Especially the part about ‘it did not go over well’. Of course, one would love to be a fly on the wall when the Padres had that conversation about whether or not to allow Washington to throw to Pederson in a fun exhibition contest.

The topic of who throws to a batter during the Home Run Derby has become an important facet of the contest. You will notice that most participants use a long-time coach, or even a family member. Either way, it’s always someone they have immense comfort with.

It will be interesting to see whether or not this has an effect on Pederson in the contest. Meanwhile, the Padres have lost four straight contests at home to see their record fall to 42-44 on the year. It was likely a poor time to ask for one of their coaches, or anything from them. They weren’t in the best of moods.

What do you think of this move by the Padres? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Who CARES? The allstar game is this guys weekend off from work, he can/should be able to do whatever he wants this weekend. If he is close friends with Joc and wants to do it, than it should be no one else’s business AT ALL. This is ridiculous and child like………….if he (Joc) chose someone who works for the Padres, so WHAT? It’s not a baseball game that affects the outcome of the standings, it’s a home run hitting contest. This should have has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the Padres or Dodgers. Why do the Padres care? Why does Robin care? This is stupid………….

    • I am sure it wasn’t an out right No, but more of a, ” it would not be in your best interest to participate in this event with a member of our division rival. But you do what you want.”

    • I agree. This is stupid and child like. Sounds like the Padres management is just a little bit salty of our success over the last few years.

    • “petty”? “bush league”? “babies”? “losers”? Think maybe you guys are getting a little butt hurt over this. As much truth as there is in “Padres should let him do it”, there’s an equal amount of truth in “he shouldn’t be asking another team”. Yes, LA has basically owned SD for a long time and are a couple of years away from competing, but if the Padres shouldn’t be childish, neither should your comments.

  2. Joc and Johnny have a genuine friendship outside of baseball. Johnny was a groomsmen in Joc’s wedding and his daughters were flower girls. He chose him his first time around and has a comfort with him, and wanted to experience it with him again 4 years later!

  3. I can’t believe the Padres would go to such great lengths to make that decision. It’s a fun time for all of us fans to watch, but they want to be petty and throw salt in it.

    I remember Johnny Washington and Joc Pederson’s near win last time. I was rooting for them. The story I heard a while back is that they’ve known each other since the Minors and Peterson told Johnny that when he gets to the HR Derby, he’s gonna make damn sure Washington pitches to him. There are articles posted about how much Washington has helped his swing, and I think they are actually friends.

    They had that chance in 2014 and almost won the damn thing. Damn that would have been great story to see history repeat itself, but with a WIN… even though they are on completely different teams. It would have been huge to go back and get that prize.

    Damn Padres, we would have loved that as fans! Whoever made the final decision should be ashamed. Just couldn’t let them make history. When business gets personal…

  4. Bush league move. They still have mud on their face from “we know we can beat those guys” comments earlier in the year. Padres are not our rival…. Someone should tell them….

  5. Yeah if they had are record this year bet they would let him pitch to Pederson at the derby #Padresulose

  6. It not like Washington doesn’t have a full time job as a hitting coach for the Padres. One would think that some fans believe all coaches do is sit around in the dugout during the games and look “pretty” for the cameras.

    Players and coaches don’t take a week off of work during the All-Star break. These guys are still working, and working hard. Washington will undoubtedly be working with Padre’s hitters on the days before and after the day of the All-Star game. He will also be involved in internal management meetings, probably daily. I would be surprised if he gets more than a day or two off that entire week.

    So, yeah, the Padres could have released him to pitch to Peterson, and that would have been OK. Yeah, the Padres might be a bit miffed that their All-Star caliber 20 year old SS was excluded from the All-Star game. They might think that two of their outfielders, one only 23 years, who have more home runs than a half dozen of the home run derby invitees, should have been included. That’s OK, too. However, the plain truth likely is that they need Washington “on the job”, that he’s not some spare wheel available for an exhibition game.

    But hey, one could also just think that the Padres management are just “poor losers”, that they showed no class in their decision. That’s OK, too. It’s wrong, but it’s OK if you wanna feel that way. Feelings are more important than “truth”, anyhow, right?

    • You think the Padres are miffed off at his request? Why not hold a press conference, make a public request for Bumgarner to pitch to Pederson, sit back, and watch the fireworks explode. After all, it is the 4th of July…

  7. Might have something to do with the fact that the Padres have 2 players in the top 3 for HR % per AB with Hunter Renfroe leading the league yet no derby invites.

  8. That’s why the Padres are a joke in this league and the western division. This is lower than bush league it’s at the ankles.

  9. It just shows what a 2nd rate organization the Padres are and always will be. They are supposed to be rebuilding and getting better. So they can compete against the Dodgers.
    I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Even with that slug Machado. Padre fans will get tired of his nonchalant attitude and failure to run out ground balls and dirty plays. They can’t compete so they act like teenage girls and won’t let the coach throw to Pederson. “We’ll show you Dodgers” Dumb move.

  10. Probably because the PADRES have not one but TWO HR hitters in the #5 spot for most HRs hit this year and not one of them was chosen. Which is more than half of the guys in the HR derby #BS

  11. Lots of famous Dodgers for Pederson to choose from, like Sandy Koufax or any other of their retired pitchers. Pedersen, not Padres, is being disrespectful asking for coach from Division rival to be his pitching choice.

    • I don’t think Sandy Koufax knows how to throw batting practice! The object is for guys to touch the ball in a HR contest! 🙂

  12. The Home Run Derby at an All-Star game would seem to be for the love of baseball and the benefit of the fans. Any classy organization involved in MLB, would be more than willing to help with the contest. Then we have the San Diego Padre organization. HS

  13. That’s fine. It is those little victories that make your season worthwhile when you have no shot at the playoffs.

  14. Oh wow, how stupid is that. Hey Padres, it’s BP you dumb asses. It would have been good PR. They could have gotten good exposure from ESPN and MLB network. Oh well, maybe next time. Lol.

  15. Dodgers fans up in arms because someone from their GANG was disrespected. Woooow! You don’t even know why they said no. The smart thing to do is jump to conclusions and assume you know all the inner workings of a baseball organization that you don’t work for. And it’s easy to hit homeruns when your already standing on third base. Kinda easy to win when you got all that dough. As a matter of fact, you guys should be in the Series every year with that payroll.

    • Most of their talent is homegrown, payroll doesn’t have to do with anything. The giants are right below the dodgers as far as payroll goes, and they’re the worst team in baseball. This isn’t a pay to win game lol
      Maybe if the padres didn’t waste 300 mil on a POS, selfish player like machado they wouldn’t be below .500 with all their “young talent”

    • You clearly aren’t informed. The Dodgers don’t even sign big names they have mostly home grown players that come up every year and succeed and they bring in under the radar guys who they turn around ie Muncy and Taylor Rich Hill etc

  16. The Padres decision to deny Joc’s request seems petty and class-less. Nevertheless, Joc now simply needs to ask someone from our current Dodgers’ organization to pitch to him. Wish him the best of luck at the HR Derby!

  17. Hilarious how much Dodgers fans complain about an exhibition. Washington works for the Padres organization and they do not own anything to the Dodgers. I love how fair-weather Dodger fans love and defend Machado when he played for them, now he is a bum. How about cleaning your stadium and making sure that opposing fans do not get beat up, then you will really be the first rate, classy organization you claim to be!

  18. Could care less. Pederson should be at Dodger stadium practicing 1st base which right now he stinks at. If he can’t get any better he should be trade bait.

  19. I’m disappointed in the Padres. It has nothing to do with the rivalry. This is a chance for a coach to attend a All-Star game and if the Padres were relevant and competitive maybe ALL there coaches could experience the event! Sour grapes to me and this is coming from a Padres fan.

  20. I think that was petty on the San Diego Padres decision, baseball is supposed to an international sport. I really think that was poor sportsmanship also, this is a fun competition. Did San Diego not have a representative?

  21. It’s pretty petty thinking by San Diego Team. It’s a fun function of the All Star Game. Lend your coach to Joc Pederson after all both the Dodgers and San Diego are playing under the National League umbrella. Lighten up.

  22. Just more bitterness from lesser organizations. Maybe they should get their shit together for once and they’ll be happy and less bitter

  23. I think the Padres are very selfish for not letting Pederson use their hitting but it’s all good I hope Pederson wins the home run derby tso he can throw it in the Padres face.

  24. Rivalry?? What rivalry? The Padres suck. I’m glad Machado signed with them. He’s a good fit. Belongs on a team like that….one that is going nowhere. The Orioles were a good fit for him. Padres? even better.

  25. They called a fun exhibition game but apparently the Padres are taking the fun out of it it’s just a home run Derby people act so damn childish it cracks me up…. Yep I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when they announced in a Padres meeting that they wanted Washington to pitch for joc pederson.

  26. The Padres should have at least one of their five power hitters in the HR derby! Screw Joc, he’s a sissy. The Pads have three players with more dingers than him. #Renfro!

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