Dodgers News: Seager Left Game With Knee Pain

The last thing anyone wants to hear at this juncture is that Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop, and prized prospect, Corey Seager is injured and starting to go through knee issues. That’s not quite exactly what is going on at this moment, but it provided a scare for people watching yesterday’s game.

Seager had to be pulled out of the game in the third inning due to left knee pain. Keeping the prospects, especially Seager, healthy as they go through the 2016 season will be one of the team’s biggest challenges and highest areas of importance. They need them healthy in order to succeed this upcoming year.

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From Yahoo! Sports, courtesy of the Associated Press:

”He just wasn’t moving as well as he normally does, so we just wanted to get him out as soon as possible,” manager Dave Roberts said.

It all sounds precautionary for the team and for Seager. It appears that manager Dave Roberts is just doing his job in keeping his young guys safe and healthy. That’s all you can ask out of a manager in Spring Training right now. You don’t want the injury to actually grow into something serious.

As far as the severity of the injury Seager sustained goes, Roberts is not worried yet:

Roberts had yet to talk to team physicians about the condition of Seager’s knee. He said he was not concerned that the club’s top prospect had suffered a serious injury.

The good news is that Roberts does not think it is a serious calamity. That is, as stated, the good news. The issue, though, is that he’s not a doctor and until the doctors actually take a look then no one knows what is happening. Still, since no one is overly concerned with this, it might just be nothing.

So, take a deep breath, relax a little bit, and start to feel better that this all could be nothing more than a precautionary situation that makes sure Seager doesn’t strain the knee any further and risk anything substantial on the injury front.

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