Dodgers News: Some Details of Maeda’s Contract Come Out

In an effort to bolster their rotation, the Dodgers signed Japanese right-hander Kenta Maeda. The Osaka native had a lot of the details of his contract floating out there, but not many were sure of the actual facts. Well, now some are coming out.

According to Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) of Yahoo! Sports, sources indicate that Maeda’s deal with the Dodgers has a base salary of $3 million for eight seasons. And then it gets funky.

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While it starts at that $3 million per year base, it can escalate based on incentives:

As you can see here, Maeda is eligible to make $250,000 for every 10 innings pitched up to 200 total innings during a season. But that’s only after he reaches 90 innings pitched. There’s also a $1 million bonus for hitting a certain amount of games started in a season:

Essentially, as Passan notes, Maeda’s contract is an eight-year, $90.2 million deal if he reaches all of his bonus requirements. This is a very team-friendly deal for the Dodgers, and one that they can look back on with fondness if he performs anywhere close to what his ZiPS projections (by Dan Szymborski, @DSzymborski) look like.

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