Dodgers News: Spending Debate Rolls On

There are those who believe that the Los Angeles Dodgers have gone about this offseason the wrong way. Some believe they should have spent a ton of money to keep Zack Greinke, gone through with the trade for Aroldis Chapman, and spent willy-nilly to bring in big names. But the front office didn’t do that.

Instead, they opted to pay less for players that could potentially provide a big impact for a better return on the dollar. While that has been lauded by some, it’s laughed at by others. So, is there a method to the madness by Andrew Friedman and company, or will the lack of spending hurt the team?

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From Bob Nightengale of USA Today Sports:

The Dodgers believe they can win their fourth consecutive NL West title by outflanking, not overpowering. They may not have the prized names, but they’ve got the numbers, and a star-studded cast in the minors that’s not quite ready, but too valuable to trade.

As Friedman himself says, the front office is trying to “compete for as many championships” as they possibly can. To do that, they needed to build up the farm system in order to create a viable influx of talent that could keep the train on the tracks for the long run. The future matters to the front office.

Still, the present matters, as well, and the lack of spending by the front office to retain Greinke or trade for Chapman or even spend on a bat could doom them. Then again, it also might not. Perhaps not spending a ton of money was the right call. We won’t know until the season is over.

Due to the injuries, things might look bleak right now, but those players will return, and when they return they’ll supply production that’ll help the team. Don’t be shocked if you see the Dodgers go on a major second half run this season. Spending or no spending, there was a plan, and they stuck to it. We’ll just have to see if it works or not.

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  1. Friedman says we are trying to compete for as many championships as we can. Don’t be redicolous! !! What do the other 29 gms say. We are not trying to win as many championships as we can.