Dodgers News: Still No Word on Puig Investigation

In early March, we learned that the report going round was that Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig was likely not going to be suspended by Major League Baseball for his role in a domestic violence altercation at a bar in Miami back in November. A few days ago, we learned a decision was coming soon. However, there’s still no word yet.

This could mean several things. It could mean that the commissioner’s office has changed its mind and will now be suspending Puig, or it could just mean that they’re going through the proper channels of finishing their investigation before they fully reveal their findings and their decision. Hard to say.

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From Joey Kaufman, staff writer for the Orange County Register:

Addressing reporters Saturday, Tony Clark, the executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, declined to say if the league’s domestic violence investigation into Yasiel Puig had been completed or if a decision had been reached.

As Clark goes on to stay, nothing has been made official yet. Everyone is still pretty much in the dark about what’s going to happen with Puig, but the earlier reports did say that he’s unlikely to be suspended. Perhaps this is just Major League Baseball taking their time before announcing their decision.

No charges were filed in Puig’s case. Aroldis Chapman, on the other hand, was suspended 30 games earlier this month, and it was the first suspension under the league’s new domestic violence policy that they had put in place last year. Chapman did not appeal the suspension after it was handed down.

Puig’s case isn’t as wild as Chapman’s happened to be, so maybe Puig really will not get suspended by the league for any of this. Until the official word comes down, no one officially knows what will transpire. It’s all speculation at this point. But we will have that news when it comes across.

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