Dodgers News: Justin Turner Officially Leads MLB in Batting Average

In case you didn’t know, the Major League Baseball qualifications to lead in batting average is that you must have at least 3.1 plate appearances per game on average. When Justin Turner had his two-week disabled list stint, he became unqualified to register in that category. Not anymore.

After Tuesday’s game in Chicago, Justin Turner finally hit the qualifying mark of plate appearances that made him eligible to lead Major League Baseball in batting average.  Justin is now batting .370 over 243 at-bats, with 11 home runs and 39 RBI’s. J.T. is a fan favorite and a fantasy owner’s dream; he currently sits in first above Daniel Murphy in the National League. Murphy is batting .340.

Another potential MLB leader who has not yet qualified to lead the MLB would be Alex Wood. Alex Wood’s incredible ERA of 1.56 does not yet qualify. In order to qualify to lead in ERA, you must throw as many innings as your team has played games. Wood has thrown 86.2 innings while the Dodgers have played 91 games and with the Dodgers playing at least 36 innings between every Wood outing, it will be tough for Alex Wood to catch up and win the ERA title.

Alex Wood is set to face his former team, The Atlanta Braves, on Thursday.

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  1. if Alex throws 7 innings of shutout ball on Friday, that would lower his ERA to 1.50 and raise his innings pitched to over 93 in the team’s 93rd game.

    • First you state that in order to qualify for the ERA title, you have to have pitched as many innings as your team has played GAMES. Then you say because the Dodgers play 36 innings between Woods starts he won’t catch up and win the ERA title. That makes no sense. Woods innings have to catch up to the Dodgers number of games NOT their innings. Therefore, he WILL likely qualify in his next outing or two.

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