Dodgers News: Vin Scully Congratulates Los Angeles on Impressive Feat

“It’s nice to win, but it really breaks your heart to lose.”

The Dodgers won their 40th game of the season last night, becoming the first team in baseball to reach the plateau.

While 40 is all well and good, perhaps the best win of the season was number 39 which proved to secure LA it’s eighth consecutive National League Western division crown. That’s an impressive feat! The adulation and celebratory posts popped up all over social media on Tuesday night, but perhaps the best was saved for last.

The legendary Vin Scully offered up his heartiest congratulations to the boys in blue, and it was as great as you’d imagine.

With his message, he reminded us all that even with eight in a row, this is still a feat to appreciate.

You know, it’s very difficult to win. I think sometimes fans forget about it thinking, ‘oh yes, now they’ve won it eight in a row,’ but it is so hard, no matter how many games you play, to win.

Have we as Dodgers fans become guilty of expecting this? Chances are that many fans didn’t suffer through the lean years of Los Doyers. In the time before Twitter and Instagram — with our friend Vin still spending each evening with us on TV — the Dodgers weren’t always that good.

Sure, you know the year 1988 because that’s the last time the club won a World Series, but there was a time when making the postseason wasn’t even in the cards. From 1989 through 2004, LA made the playoffs only twice (1995 and 2004). And in those occasions, they won a playoff game only once (2004).

So, the moral of the story that Vin is hitting here is don’t take it for granted. Even with Mookie Betts in blue for the next 12 seasons, the Dodgers stand to miss out on October sooner or later.

“It’s nice to win, but it really breaks your heart to lose.”

…Not quite sure how this congratulatory post became a lecture, but here we are.

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