Dodgers News: Vin Scully Convinced 2016 Will Be His Last Season

Dodgers fans have one thing above basically everything else to look forward to in 2016: It will be Vin Scully’s final season as the voice of baseball in Los Angeles. While the all-time greats tend to waver about such a decision, it sounds like Scully is becoming more convinced he’s making the right call.

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In a conversation he had with the L.A. Times’ Steve Dilbeck, Scully is standing by his decision.

“I really can’t see that I would come back,” Scully said. “Sooner or later, you have to be realistic. I’ve done it for a long, long time. I’ve done reasonably well at it. But I don’t want to stay on any longer than I feel I should.

“Which makes it a very tough decision, but I really do feel it would be time for me to walk away rather than have somebody say, ‘Gee, you know, you’re not the same. You’re not quite this, you’re not quite that.’ I don’t want that. So I think if I can get through next year doing reasonably well, it would be time then to walk away.”

It certainly sucks to think of the Dodgers without Vin calling games. Actually, I’ll take that back. It’s basically impossible to think of Dodgers games without Vin’s voice guiding us through history. But you have to admire how he’s handling the situation. He spoke to Dilbeck about his own life without baseball.

“If I stop to think about it — I’ll be very honest — I’m somewhat scared to death,” Scully said. “When you’ve run the same motor for all these years and suddenly turn it off, I know there will be a deafening silence. But I’ll just have to be fortunate having had a wonderful marriage. I’ll spend more time with Sandi, and God willing, with family and smell the roses.”

Boy, I’m gonna miss Vin.

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