Dodgers News: Vin Scully Gets A Vote for Most Interesting Athlete of 2016

As if there wasn’t enough going on around the Los Angeles Dodgers, the elephant in any room in which the franchise is the subject of conversation is Vin Scully’s impending retirement. It would be absolutely incredible if the Dodgers could send him out on a World Series win.

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Vin has been the voice of the Dodgers for a couple of my lifetimes, and then some. I literally can’t think of the team without him.

Jim Nantz feels the same way, in an article compiled by Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch.

I was going to go with Stan Kroenke and figure he would be in the news all year long. He’s got $7.7 billion ways of getting his team moved to Los Angeles and it will be fascinating to watch the process play out in the coming weeks. But on second thought I switched off “Silent Stanley” and went with a “talkie” already entrenched in Hollywood. Someone who it seems has been around the L.A. scene since Charlie Chaplin: Vin Scully is my most interesting sports person of 2016. This will be the final year of broadcasting for the legendary voice of the Dodgers. His 67th season of being the greatest ambassador any franchise in any sport has ever been blessed to call their own. At age 88, his broadcasts remain crisp and full of energy. He still speaks poetry to his audience. As next summer turns to autumn, there will be countless stories written about his incredible career, tributes to an amazing storyteller—and gentleman—who is not only a treasure, but my most interesting sports person of the coming year.


Others on the list were Kristaps Porzingis (a New York athlete outperforming expectations, because of course), Michael Phelps (2016 is an Olympics year) and Steph Curry, who garnered the most votes.

Being included in this list ain’t too shabby for someone who will turn 89 hopefully as the Dodgers are still celebrating their first World Series ring in nearly three decades.

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