Dodgers News: Walker Buehler Talks About Competition Between Starting Pitchers

The 24-year old is a complimentary piece to a dominating staff.

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitchers have set the tone in 2019, especially over the past month. While the bullpen has sputtered out of the gates, the guys who take the ball to begin a game have dazzled.

Now, Walker Buehler talks with David Vassegh of AM 570 LA sports about what it’s like to be part of the Dodgers rotation right now. Buehler said its’

Therefore, Vassegh asked Buehler how much friendly competition exists – with each guy attempting to do more than the teammate the night before.

“I think the culture is great here, the Los Angeles Dodgers have always had good starting pitching and we feed off each other. I couldn’t be in a better position to have guys in the rotation to learn from, to talk to, and I’m just lucky to be a part of that.”

With that, Vassegh wanted to know if it feels more like a responsibility then competition. Indeed, Buehler said a proverbial ‘passing of the baton’ exists with the group.

“I think that we always feel good about our match-up every day. We like our pitcher to be there. You just want to be looked at like you look at the other four guys. We are all very confident in ourselves, and each other.”

Undoubtedly, this could be the best rotation that Buehler is a part of; even if he pitches for another decade in Los Angeles. One can be sure as they hear him talk, he’s picking up some great habits from a savvy group of elite hurlers.

The Dodgers are living a charmed life with this group right now. Remember the names Kershaw, Ryu, Buehler, Hill, and Maeda well.

As good as they have been, it’s possible they write a final chapter to cement themselves in some type of history book soon.

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