Dodgers News: Walker Buehler’s Teammates Are Glowing About Him

Walker Buehler is impressing his teammates and fellow members of the Dodgers pitching staff. These are veterans, who have been around hundreds of other professionals. To read their words, you realize how high his ceiling could be. Moreover, Clayton Kershaw and Rich Hill have glowing praise for Buehler from spring training.

The sky is truly the limit for Walker Buehler in 2019.

First let’s start with Kershaw’s quote on Buehler.

“The talent, you can’t teach that. It’s there, and we know that,” Kershaw said. “The ability to spin a breaking ball, the life the fastball has. It’s one thing to throw 97, 98, but the life, the movement, he checks those boxes. Now it’s just a matter of compete and consistency. We’ve seen the compete, the mentality is there, not anything I’d change as far as that goes. Now it’s just, how do we box that up and do it every fifth day for a full season, for five and 10 seasons?”

Kerhsaw has done it for ten seasons himself. It would seem that Buehler has rare talent that Kershaw hasn’t encountered on his own roster before. This includes the mentality and tenacity he brings to the mound. Remember, Buehler recently passed aside his rookie performance; saying he wasn’t that satisfied with it.

Then, there’s our beloved veteran Rich Hill. Certainly, Hill has seen some great arms in the game of baseball. For instance, look at Hill’s teammate oracle in the big leagues from baseball-reference. Now, let’s weigh his praise of Buehler from Arizona.

“He can be one of the best,” Hill said of Buehler. “He just needs to always push the level of creativity. He can associate hearing something, processing it and then implement it in a pitch. That’s key to being successful.”

Furthermore, Hill compared Buehler to Kerry Wood in terms of arm talent.

I take heavy stock in the words of Buehler’s veteran rotation mates. He’s really as good as they believe for the time being. Moreover, I remember back to one night last summer when I realized what a dominant, transcendent talent the Dodgers had. This is the column I wrote that night – check it out and enjoy it.

A talent like Buehler should constantly be savored. Every part, from beginning to end. He’s that special.

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