Dodgers News: Winter Meetings Don’t Impress Larry King

Larry King is not happy with the Andrew Friedman administration.

The Winter Meetings have come and gone and the Dodgers have very little to show for them.

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King unleashed a rant upon USA Today’s Bob Nightengale that would make any Facebook commenter blush.

“I can’t stand what we’re doing,” King told USA TODAY Sports. “Those people in the Dodger front office, they think they’re still in Tampa. This is Los Angeles. We’re in the second-largest market in the country. We lead baseball in home and road attendance. And we haven’t won a World Series since 1988.

“We are not Tampa, but they’re acting like it. They have all of this money — and nothing. We’ve got to do something.”

Step off the ledge, Larry; it’s going to be okay.

He continues…

“My wife talks almost every day to Zack’s wife,” King said. “They loved it here. They wanted to say here. But (the Dodgers) won’t go to a sixth year on his deal and let him walk away. They will rue that day for the next six years.

“This is such a huge disappointment. It’s looking like a third-place team. To this point, and I know it’s still early, but the Dodger front office has been a failure.”


Look, in all seriousness, the Winter Meetings were underwhelming. The Dodgers lost Zack Greinke and only have Hisashi Iwakuma to show for his departure. Oh, and a compensatory pick — you can’t forget that compensatory pick. Anyone with expectations heading into this week were almost definitely let down.

The rumors didn’t help, either.

When names like Aroldis Chapman and Jose Fernandez are being thrown around and neither wind up on the Dodgers and don’t appear to be heading to Los Angeles anytime soon, of course fans are going to get frustrated.

Now, while King says the Dodgers will “rue the day” (which is, by the way, so Larry King to say) the Dodgers let Greinke walk, recent history says teams who hand out those mega contracts to 30+ year-old pitcher tend to rue the signing. The history cannot be ignored.

Now, had he brought up Jason Heyward, for whom the Dodgers could’ve opened up their sizable check books considering his only being 26, he might’ve had a point. But even then, spending what’ll probably be near $200 million on a right fielder who hasn’t hit more than 15 home runs in any of the last three years could also be questioned.

(For the record, let me state Heyward’s defense more than makes up for it and, again, he’s only 26.)

The free agent market this winter simply wasn’t that impressive. So, instead of spending for the sake of spending, the Dodgers appear to have opted for trades, which take more time.

The offseason stretches beyond four days, Larry. Back off the ledge. It’s going to be okay.

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