Dodgers: Number One Reason Why LA Will Overtake Giants, Injury Updates & More

The Los Angeles Dodgers are officially rolling. LA went 6-1 last week and have won 11 of their last 13 games. On this episode of Dodgers rewind, review what was a successful week for the Boys in Blue as they gained ground on the Giants and continued to put pressure on San Francisco in the NL West.

We discuss how LA’s been able to turn it around and what the number one key to overtaking the Giants in the division is. Next, break down LA’s upcoming schedule and predict LA’s record for the week.

Plus, who’s hot/who’s not, the funniest moment of the week, injury news, and more!


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Written by Doug McKain


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  1. The key to them beating out the Giants is hitting in the clutch and with men on base. If they keep up with the very low RISP numbers, they will not make it.

  2. Giants have been winning late in games recently w/ clutch hitting, but w/ the emergence of the Dodgers’ BP, I feel they can shut them down if Doc plays it well. The Giants SP have been leaking oil recently and the acquisition of Trea and Mookie coming back, the offense needs to get going early and stay in the lead to win. The Giants BP have been shaky @ times and can be beat w/ the lineup the Dodgers can put out if everybody is healthy. The defense also need to be solid w/ no mistakes to beat a sound disciplined Giants team. It’s not going to be easy, but a good rivalry battle.

    • Absolutely. The Dodgers have a good chance to overtake the Giants during the final stretch of this regular season. This will, however, require early scoring by our offense and the continued overall success of our bullpen. The Giants have played hard ALL season and may be starting to run out of steam (although Giants still manage a lot of clutch hitting in their late innings which is something we definitely need to do.) Go Dodgers!

  3. We don’t know if the Dodgers can catch the Giants unless they actually catch the Giants. Long winning streaks certainly help, however they don’t guarantee much movement (if any) in the standings. The vice grip will be tightened on one of the teams after their head to head matchup in early September!

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